Why You Should Go For an AC Renting Agency in Gurgaon- Cool Care Repair?

Cool Care service provider is established in Gurgaon and operating since 2000 in Home appliances renting services. They are providing a better and satisfactory offer to their customers. Day by day lots of customers are adding with the company. The company not only deals with rental services but also in maintenance and repair as well. They have almost all branded home appliances and great condition products. It enables the middle-class families to use the high-end luxurious services at cost-effective pricing. There are various reasons to choose Cool care Services- as Best Home appliances Rental Company in Gurgaon:-

  • - The company gives cost-effective AMC(Annual Maintenace Cost) plans, you can customize these plans according to your needs.
  • - The company gives a rental service for many home electronic products.
  • - It is really difficult to survive without Air conditioning system, Window AC or Split AC has become the necessity of people. The company gives you the freedom of purchasing an Air conditioning unit, you can just rent it without any problem of finding a suitable cooling system.
  • - You are not required to visit the store physically. You just visit the website or give us a call and choose what you want.
  • - The company has well-trained technicians, their availability is 24*7 hours for your all kind of problems whether it is maintenance or anything is breaking down.
  • - Another product for which the company provides renting, repairing and maintenance services is the Washing Machine. They have the latest technology of washing machines that are Semi, Fully(Front-loaded and top-loaded) washing machines are available in the company.Washing machines of new technology are coming up with energy-saving equipment.
  • - Refrigerator rental service is also given by the Coolcare service. All brands of Single Door Refrigerator and Double door Refrigerator available for rent. You can rent it on a monthly basis.
  • - You can save money because of electronic products are depreciated by the time.
  • - The rental service of Microwave and LED TV is also offered by that company.
  • - Some people do lots of travel, they do not need these home appliances always, so these products become useless for that time but with rented products, there is no need to put idle products at home.
  • - If you want a simple way of heating cold food or making instant foods just get Microwave Oven on rent
  • - Other service able products are Water Purifier, Inverter and Inverter battery. These also come with the benefits of AMC plans. RO or water purifiers need too much servicing, you have to spend lots of money on servicing and equipment changing charges.

So take rental service and forget the stress of purchasing and get benefits from rental offers. Do call us today only to avail the various Home Appliances such as washing machines, ACs, TVs, Microwave Ovens, Inverters, refrigerator on rent in Gurgaon.

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