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Inverter with Single Battery

Inverter with Single Battery


Ex Tax: ₹1,100.00

Specification Current: 150A Voltage : 600 – 1000 VA Color and Brand of the product may vary Product may not be new, But it will be in Excellent working condition Security Deposit PDC CHQUE  8000  Installation Installation Charges: Rs.400   Maintenance and care M..

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The issue of frequent power outages is not a new one for the residents of Gurgaon. New inhabitants who move to this area are frequently ignorant of this problem and are forced to contend with hot, humid summers and, sometimes, dark evenings due to a lack of electricity. Due to the availability of inverter power backup on rental in this location, Cool Care Services ensures that you will no longer be forced to live without electricity.

There are no longer days when your youngster must study for examinations by candlelight or under battery-operated lights because of a power failure. With the economical single battery inverter variety on offer from Cool Care Services, you can buy one for yourself at the most competitive price today. You don't have to look for professionals to set up your inverter during your rental period because the firm will cover all of the installation and maintenance during your rental period. Using an inverter on a rental basis is strongly suggested for persons who relocate frequently and change their residences due to job obligations.

Cool Care Services is a well-known provider of home equipment on rent in Gurgaon, and it is a dependable source from which you may obtain an inverter on rent. Our technicians will recommend the best location for you to store the inverter and take care of all of the cabling and installation required. Because you are simply one click away from getting an inverter for rent in Gurgaon and having it delivered directly to your doorstep, you can now save the headache of purchasing and transporting your new single battery inverter.

Now is the time to have your home ready for power outages at a single battery inverter cost that you will not find anywhere else. Cool Care Services has the lowest single battery inverter price on the market, and you can get it right here. You can now rent an inverter with significant savings instead of purchasing it outright and incurring critical financial obligations. We offer a high-quality inverter and battery available for rent in Gurgaon, with delivery and pickup options available. All that is required to begin leasing from us is a simple security deposit for the goods and the bare minimum of associated charges, which vary depending on the length of the rental period. We have a maintenance team to deal with any problems that may arise throughout your rental period.

High Storage Inverter & Battery on Rent in Gurgaon

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